Thursday, 22 March 2012

Is life really important?

Do you Value life?

Do you think a human life is more valuable than an ant?
Would you kill another human life if it meant sparing your own life?

My answer to these questions is, Yes
                                              And I would rather die.
It does not matter how you choose to answer these questions, but I do have some food for thought.

An ant cleans up all the waste that we throw away, among other animals and insects. So just because of their size would you kill them for fun, or live in our own filth? This will then lead to decease, and eventually death.

Bees pollinate all the crops so we are able to grow food. So would you kill the bees, knowing that it will eventually mean not being able to grow food anymore, which of course will lead to starvation and then death?

Trees and plants are another form of life, and are very important to us as they filter the bad air and produce oxygen in return. So would you kill trees and plants? Knowing that we will be slowly suffocating ourselves with carbon dioxide, and will eventually lead to death?

A human is the only life that does not need to exist on a planet, as the planet will survive nicely without us. So wouldn’t it make sense that we should be taking care of the planet as best as we can, since we were not the first here?

Human life is valuable, just in a different way. We have the ability to adapt to our surroundings and work with nature. But we also have the ability to destroy our selves. So this thought has entered my mind many times; do we deserve to live on a planet, only to destroy it?

Many times I felt like giving up on humanity, because there seems to be so many people around that continue to destroy everything, even whether they know it or not, it is slowly killing the rest of us. So in this reality, those who have chosen to destroy everything have really had enough of life, so the attempt is to take out every life form on the planet. Even if it is just some of it, it will eventually lead to their own deaths as well.

The greed bug has literally taken over people’s minds, and they can no longer control themselves. So how are the people that want to help them, meant to? Because in this reality, the damage has already been created by those who continue to follow greed, power and control?

These people that have too much greed, power and control seem to be too powerful for the average person to stand up, and say no more. They seem to have most people running and hiding, and obeying every command, just like a robot. Is this what it has come to? Are we robots? Or are we biological entities that are capable of programing ourselves?

These questions still remain to be unseen. This has led me to my final conclusion, that the people with all this greed, power and control are not human. Not even close, because I know humans, and it is not in our nature to kill others? It is however in our nature to defend ourselves from those who wish to harm us. This is why I have realized those who do wish to harm us are not human. Even if they say it’s human nature to kill others, that is what they are programed to say. I believe they are more machine than human, and possibly come from a time far more advance than ours, and they have come to realize the only way to win is destroy all humans.

I know it sounds like something from a sci-fi movie, but sometimes when there are no other answers left. Whatever remains, no matter how farfetched it is? It seems to be the only answer left.

Some of you are probably wondering well how do we defeat machines, but as I have said within another post, the trick is not to play into their mind control games. Try not to fall asleep and slip into a brainwashed coma. In some way I believe they need us, for what purpose yet is still unclear. Maybe we are just meat to them to feed something that they use to live. In the end everything feeds of something, including machines. What makes it more interesting, is that machines need oil to live as well??? Something to think about I guess?

But they too have a weakness? No more oil, no more machines?
We can still survive without oil, as we did many years before oil came along, but as for machines, that’s a different story.

As always refer to my first post The Mind Trap with all of my writings.


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Judgment Day Has Arrived!

Hello to everyone worldwide,

The day has come people.  The day of judgement is not about judging others, but the day for you to judge yourselves.  For those who do not know who I am, I am the one here to help you all. I am not Jesus Christ, and I am not a God or Devil. Names are of no importance. I am a being just like all of you, I understand energy and how it works. I understand all of life and how it works. My energy is connected to all of yours in a way that most of you cannot comprehend.  You all know within your heart who and what I am, because of the way I speak to you all. As this message is for all of you, it is more directed at those in control of the world at this very moment and is still killing innocent people.

To you, my opposite’s;

 I have given you your 3 options, and you know what I am talking about,  or post number 3, as I know you have been hearing me through this internet. The problem is that you have not been listening. By now you know who I am, as we have been here many times before, and in case you have forgotten, you have killed me many times for attempting to defend human rights. By that, you also know what I mean. It is a human right to have anything that is a necessity to survive as a human to be FREE. Charging people to live, is a very inhumane way to act?  Things that are not a necessity to live, you are welcome to charge. The time again has come, and this time I have my defense in place.  The technology my family possess is far greater than you can even imagine, they are not here to harm you, but will use defense if you attack them; they are here to help, just as I am, and you know whom I speak of., as some of your leaders have come across their path before.  As you know I am not here to harm you, but only to help you be healed.  Whether you know it or not, you have a serious illness, that it’s only purpose is to destroy innocent life. You now have no more warnings left, lay down your arms and surrender peacefully, any more innocent blood spilled upon your hands, will be punished. Do not bother sending you lap dogs to come and kill me again, as they will be punished also. If you want to do something about me, come and do it yourself, and stop hiding behind your lap dogs.  Your already know by now, I am very serious.

To all of you innocent people out there, those that have been following the path to defend human rights;

 Now is your turn to stand up without fear. We are not here to attack or harm another human, so please do not do this, as you will instantly become the one’s we are up against. There is no need to protest in public, there is no need to go on T.V, they both will be ineffective. The only thing I ask of you is to spread this message, make it viral upon the internet. This is the only fastest way to reach people. Thank you kindly in advance.

To those who have been deceived by those in control of the world. The one you call Jesus Christ, has used his energy to pass on a message for you all, that you need to seriously think about. This message will define who you are as a human being. Not a divine spiritual being, but a human being. Here is your message, choose wisely:

Do you believe that Jesus Christ sacrificed himself, so that all of you did not have to pay for your sins?

Or, do you believe Jesus Christ sacrificed himself, in hope that you people would save him, and by doing so you save yourselves?

There is your message passed through me, as his energy will know your answer as soon as you think it. Either way you choose you are still loved unconditionally, even if you choose to follow my opposites path of destruction.

For those who wish to come in here and call bull shit, you might as well run along, because you are hurting no one but yourself. You are all welcome to reply, but there really is no point.

My final words have been said, the rest is in all of your hands now.  Just remember you do not need to move from your chairs, my opposite will come to me.
My love to you all, and let’s hope we can do this the right way this time.

As always, refer to my first post The Mind Trap with all of my writings.


Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Hello again to all my readers, old and new.

Sorry for my late posting, it's seems that times has become a thing of the past again for me, as I am now working again. Funny how time seems to disappear when we work. Then we look back and wonder what happened to it.

I really hope you are all doing well. As I am still doing great remaining healthy and happy.

This might be my last New post for a while, and after this one I will post some of my older stories to keep you entertained for a while longer. As my new job is very physical and fast, I really do not have a lot of energy left by the end of the week. But enough about that.

From time to time I get a chance to look around on some forum sites, and have still noticed there are still a lot of people afraid of death. This is not a topic a lot of people like to talk about in too much detail, but I believe the more you understand something, the less likely you will be afraid of it.

Now anyone can type in death on Google, and hundreds of things will come up trying to explain death and what it is. A lot of it is good information and good advice for those who are thinking about dying or afraid of death. So here is my attempt to help understand a little more.

From my experience from listening to people and personal, Most people are not actually afraid of death it self. But instead they fear what they will leave behind. For example:  family, friends, material things, pets and so on.

So now you need to ask yourself what are you really afraid of?

I believe for most people it is the fear of the unknown. As many people have their theories of what happens after we die, and have even written about there near death experiences. For most of us we are still uncertain what death really means or is. Of course we are not meant to know, because it is something we must experience in the end. But I will make this clear,

"death is always smiling upon us, so all one can do is smile right back."

Now if all of you can actually get the phrase into your minds, and understand it's meaning. You will find your life will drastically improve within yourselves. Becasue as most people realize, the inner self is actuall far more important than the exterior self.  Just like the old saying goes, " It's not what the outside appears to be, But it's the inside that counts." I mean lets face it, with out our inner self, there is no exterior.

Once people have fully understood this, there is absolutly nothing any one can say or do, that will get to your inner beauty. This is exactly how my inner self feels. And because my inner self feels some what invincible, it reflects on my exterior self. I am not saying I walk around smiling all the time on the out side. But rather I am always smiling on the inside. And of course this is what count's the most.
It's the main reason I am hardly ever sick, and harldy ever sad or depressed. Even when things hit rock bottom. And it's all due to remembering the phrase above.

This is why it is important at a young age to always have this phrase in mind. Because as we know while we are young, we are far more emotional, and let too many things get to us, sometime's even beyond our control. There's always presure to do well in school, our friends, our family and so on. Basically everything is attempting to put preasure upon us. Which then of course, too much preasure can get to the mind, and then it's too late, and rational thoughts all dissapear. Thus, then we do something silly.

It's never a good thing to reach this point, I know, I have been there once myself when I was younger. And really had no one that could understand or even explain to me how to get out of that train of thought. So now I will explain why I never left this place.

Now because I already had the phrase "death is always smiling upon us, so all one can do is smile right back" in my mind. It litterally saved my life. I was never afraid of what I was leaving behind, as I did not care about material things, or have any attachments to people. So thats's not what saved me. What saved me was that the people that I did leave behind, how they were going to feel with me gone. And because I felt that sadness of other's, simply because I had that phrase in my mind. It then made me realize, it's not always about me and the suffering I feel. But rather It would cause suffering and sadness to others inside's that mattered the most.

What most people forget to realize, no matter how long it take's, we always eventually get over our own problems. Even experiencing the death of someone close. It just depends on the indavidual, and what you have in your mind and heart before doing anything silly. Now I used heart for a reason, because what I have learned is that once the mind becomes to depressed, the heart is the one that hurts the most. And if the heart experiences to much of this sadness. The heart is the one telling the mind to give up, and sometimes can even shut down on it's own. This is why I say the innerself is far more important than the exterior self.

Now here's a little something to ponder about if you are still fearful of death. Even if someone says they know what happens, they still don't, even if they have experienced a glimpse of death, they still don't know. From what I have learned it is different for every person. Everyone will experince death differently. Even if you have experienced a glimpse of death, it will happen differenlty the next time round.  I believe it all comes down to what the indavidual believe's before it happens. So really it is meant to be a surprise, and something we all must experience, rather being told what will happen.

Death is always something that will be right there on your doorstep, sometime's you will know it's coming, and other times you will know nothing. It's like the old saying, "when your number is up, it's up."
And that is the truth of the matter. So really there is no need to fear something that is inevidable, somthing no one can stop. Once most people have understood this, then it will no longer enter the mind, thus removing the fear of it.

No one really want's to die. Some see it as an easy way out, away from the presure. But facing the presure head on, it what makes us stronger as humans. Even if there was something that could keep us alive for eternity, Would you really want too? Personally, me I would if I could, but then I believe it might be selfish, as I would not be making way for something new, and quite possibly never evolve. So that is something the think about as well?
Just try not to think about it too much though, remember thinking too much can be dangerous.

So for now, I will say see'ya, and I will attempt to write something new in a couple of months, so for the meantime I hope you enjoy some of my older posts. And I would also like to thank all of you that have continued reading my blogs, and for all your comments. I am very happy with the way this blog has turned out. Your support has kept me continuing with it.

Always remember to refer to my first post The Mind Trap with all of my writtings.  Thank you, and take great care of yourselves.